Abacus Architects


Project Manager


BA, Philosophy, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (2006)

MArch+MUP, Master of Architecture and Urban Planning, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee (2010)

Professional Credentials


About Jason

Jason sweats the details at Abacus Architects, drafting projects in the firm’s software program. He takes the initial designs of floor plans and elevations developed by the firm’s architects and begins the process of turning them into buildable plans. From an early age Jason liked building things, and the challenge of figuring out how all the different parts of a structure must fit together is one that he loves. Jason works in all the market segments of Abacus, and he aspires to advance into project management as he’s attending to the construction documents of the firm’s current projects.

On working with Jason

“Not everyone can look at a plan and see it dimensionally. Our modeling software can give clients a 3-D view of their building to see what they’re getting.”

On his favorite project

“I’m a ‘how is it built’ kind of person, so any project that involves figuring things out is my favorite.”

On his own time

“I’m a family man, I like to travel and spend time with my wife, and also like to fish and ride my Harley. I coach flag football, and work on my house, too.”

On relational architecture

“We check our egos at the door at Abacus. It’s not about us; it’s about the client and the team we make together to achieve their goals. Everybody talks team, but we live it here.”

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